Akankwasa v Attorney General (HCT-00-CV-CS-0202-2013) [2016] UGHCCD 42 (15 June 2016);


Headnote and Holding: 

The plaintiff, a public officer in the employment of Wakiso
District Administration filed this suit by way of a plaint
against the defendant Attorney General for a declaration that
the plaintiff’s dismissal, arrest and detention without charge
was unconstitutional and unlawful and in contempt of court
and the resultant dismissal is void ab initio;

Court considered whether the plaintiff is entitled to the reliefs


Court ruled that the case was for formal proof. The law is
that where a plaint is drawn with a claim for pecuniary
damages only or a claim for detention of goods with or
without a claim for pecuniary damages and the defendants fail
to file a defence, an interlocutory judgment will be entered
and the suit set down for assessment of the value of the goods
and damages.
Court accordingly assessed the damages sought.


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