Mugumya v Attorney General (MISC. CAUSE NO. 0116 OF 2015) [2016] UGHCCD 43 (14 March 2016);


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This was an application by Notice of Motion for Judicial
Review of the decision of the Inspector General of Police
interdicting the applicant from his position as Officer in
Charge Kira Road Police Station since 2011. The applicant
seeks prerogative orders of mandamus, prohibition, certiorari,
general, exemplary and punitive damages and costs of the

Court considered whether the application was out of time

Court ruled that It is clear from the above rule that an
application for Judicial Review has to be filed within three

months from date when the grounds of the application first
arose unless an application is made for extension of time.

Court thus found that by challenging an interdiction made on
6 th July 2011 in an application filed on 11 th August 2015 was
clearly out of time. This application could not be sustained.

Court accordingly ordered the application be struck out with
costs to the respondent.


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