Dissolution of Partnership

Nakutubu v Sekitoleko (CIVIL SUIT NO. 4 OF 1992) [1993] UGHCCD 13 (14 June 1993);


Search Summary: 

In this case, the plaintiff sought to have a partnership between him and the defendant dissolved, and to have the defendant account for the contracts done and the amount due from such contracts to be shared accordingly.


Counsel for the defendant raised a preliminary objection on point of law that the plaint disclosed no cause of action against the defendant and that it was frivolous.

He defendant further contended that there was no evidence which showed that a partnership existed between him and the plaintiff.


The plaintiff adduced evidence of partnership documents and particulars of registration of the partnership, which proved that there existed a partnership between the two parties.


Further, the plaintiff brought evidence of contracts obtained from World Food Program for repair of vehicles, and evidence which showed that the defendant had been manipulating accounts thereby depriving the plaintiff of his interests.


Headnote and Holding: 

The court found that the plaintiff had satisfactorily proved his case against the defendant.


The preliminary objection was accordingly dismissed, with costs to the plaintiff.


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