Lotteries and Gaming (Licensing) Regulations, 2017


Date of assent: 

27 May 2017

Date of promulgation: 

20 January 2017

Date of commencement: 

20 January 2017

In force: 


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2017 No. 7.

Part I—Preliminary
1.    Title

2.    Interpretation

Part II—Licensing of Lotteries
National lottery

3.    Licence to conduct a national lottery.

4.    Form of application for a licence to conduct a national lottery.

5.    Investigation and inquiry into application.

6.    Form of licence to conduct a national lottery.

Public lottery

7.    Application for a licence to conduct a public lottery.

8.    Investigation and inquiry into application.

9.    Form of licence to conduct a public lottery.

Part III—Casino Operating Licence

10.    Application for casino licence.

11.    Matters to be considered by Board in determining application.

12.    Advertising of application.

13.    Objections and comments.

14.    Investigation of application

15.    Requiring further information from applicant.

16.    Grant or refusal of licence to establish or operate a casino.

17.    Pool betting operating licence or bingo operating licence.

18.    Premises used for gaming or pool betting.

19.    Application for gaming or betting licence.

20.    Betting intermediary operating licence.

Processing application for gaming or betting licence

21.    Advertising of application.

22.    Objections and comments.

23.    Processing application for gaming or betting licence.

24.    Grant of licence.

Part V—Gaming or Betting Machine Licence

25.    Application to manufacture, supply or install gaming or bettii machines.

Part VI—Licensing of Employees of Casino or Other Gaming and Betting Facility

26.    Definition of casino or other gaming and betting facility employee

27.    Application to licence person employed in a casino or gaming facili

28.    Investigation and determination of application.

29.    Form of licence for person employed in casino, gaming or betti facility.

Part VII—Security Bonds

30.    Security bond.

Part VIII—General Provisions on Licensing

31.    Terms and conditions of every licence.

32.    Amendment of conditions in licence

33.    Renewal of a licence.

34.    Public inspection.

35.    Withdrawal of application.

36.    Display of licence.

37.    Revocation of S.I. 191-1, 292-1, 292-3 and 292-4.