Cotton (Amendment) Regulations, 2005


Date of promulgation: 

3 May 2005

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1.                     Title

2.                     Amendment of regulation 3

3.                     Amendment of regulation 4

4.                     Amendment of regulation 5

5.                     Amendment of regulation 6

6.                     Amendment of regulation 7

7.                     Amendment to regulation 8

8.                     Amendment of regulation 9

9.                     Amendment of regulation 14

10.                     Amendment of regulation 15

11.                     Amendment of regulation 18

12.                     Amendment of regulation 19

13.                     Amendment of regulation 24

14.                     Insertion of regulation 24A

The Cotton (Amendment) Regulations, 2005.

(Under section 16(6) of the Cotton Development Act Cap 30)

In exercise of the powers conferred on the Minister by Section 16(6) of the Cotton Development Act Cap 30, and on the recommendation of the Board, these Regulations are made this 3rd day of May, 2005.

1.           Title

These Regulations may be cited as the Cotton (Amendment) Regulations, 2005.

2.           Amendment of regulation 3

Regulation 3 of the Cotton Regulations, in these regulations referred to as the principal Regulations is amended by inserting in the appropriate alphabetical order the following definitions—

“Act” means the Cotton Development Act, Cap 30;

“applicant” includes, where the context allows both a natural and non-natural person;

“Association” means the Uganda Ginners and Cotton Exports Association;

“dealer” means a person who deals in seed cotton, cotton seed and lint cotton referred to in regulations 4(a) and 6(2) of the principal Regulations;