Electricity (Installation Permits) Regulations, 2003


Date of promulgation: 

12 January 2003

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Establishment of Committee.


Rules and procedures.


Permit required.


Meetings of the Committee.


Technical qualifications.


Types of permit.


Application for permit.


Companies and organisations.


Conditions to be satisfied.






Cancellation of licence.


Obtaining information.


Information about installation








Annual fees.



The Electricity (Installation Permits) Regulations, 2003.

(Under section 120 of the electricity Act, 1999).

In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Electricity Regulatory Authority by Section 120 of the Electricity Act, 1999 these Regulations are made this 13th day of January, 2003.

1.          Citation

These Regulations may be cited as the Electricity (Installation Permits) Regulations, 2003.

2.          Interpretation

In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires—

“Act” means the Electricity Act, 1999;

“Authority” means the Electricity Regulatory Authority;

“Committee” means the Installations Permits Committee established under regulation 3;

“currency point” means the value of one currency specified under the Act;

“electrical installation work” means the installation, alteration or repair, wholly or partially, of any conductor or apparatus or system of wiring in or upon premises, connected or intended to be connected to a supply of electricity;

“installations person” means a person holding a valid permit issued under these Regulations;

“permit” means a permit issued under these Regulations.

3.          Establishment of Committee

(1)       There is established a committee to be known as the Installations Permits Committee.

(2) The Committee shall consist of the following members—

(a)   two persons representing the Authority who shall be Chairperson and

Secretary respectively;

(b)   one person representing a holder of a distribution and supply licence;

(c)    one representative from the Engineers Registration Board;

(d)                    a representative of the Uganda Consumer Protection Association; and

(e)                    one person representing the Vocational Training Institute.

4.           Rules and procedures

The Committee shall with the approval of the Authority, make such rules and procedures as may, in the opinion of the Committee be necessary for the performance of the Committee’s functions under these Regulations.

5.           Permit required

(1) A person shall not practice as a installations person unless he or she is in possession of a valid permit issued in that behalf by the Committee.

(2) A person employed by a company or firm shall obtain a permit issued under these Regulations, notwithstanding the fact that such company or firm is in possession of its own valid permit.

6.           Meetings of the Committee

(1)       The Committee shall meet at such times as the Committee may determine.

(2) At any meeting of the Committee, four members shall form a quorum.

7.           Technical qualifications

(1)       A person shall not be granted a permit under these Regulations unless he or she possesses any of the following technical qualifications—

(a)                    a University Degree in the relevant field of study;

(b)                    a Higher Technician’s Diploma;

(c)                    an Ordinary Technician’s Diploma;

(d)                    a Master Craftsman’s Certificate;

(e)                    a Craftsman’s Certificate or Intermediate Certificate; or

(f)                    any other technical qualification recognised by the Committee.

(2)                    The qualifications under sub-regulation (1) shall determine the class of permit which the Committee shall issue to each respective applicant.

8.           Types of permit

(1)       The Committee may, subject to such conditions as it may impose, issue any of the following types of permit—

(a)                      CLASS A for carrying out all and any kind of class of electrical

installation work upon payment of the prescribed fee;

(b)                    CLASS B for carrying out electrical installation work of such medium

value or complexity, including heavy low voltage and simple high voltage connections up to 11 kV;

(c)                     CLASS C for carrying out electrical installation work of such small

value including—

(i)     installation in multi-storied flats and other big bungalows and

mansions of complex design and commercial buildings; or

(ii)   installation of light plants of up to a level of 415 volts;

(d)                    CLASS D for carrying out work restricted to any specialised class of

electrical installation work, including-

(i)    installation of residential premises not exceeding five bedrooms;


(ii)                                                   repairs on equipment of up to 240 volts;

(e)                   CLASS Z for carrying out specialised fields like-

(i)                                                   switch gear installation;

(ii)                                                   centralised cooling and refrigeration;

(iii)                                                   installation of generator sets;

(iv)                                                   solar systems; and

(v)                                                   electrical installation systems and designs.

(2)                    A permit issued under these Regulations may be renewed but shall not be transferable.

(3)                    Subject to regulation 14, a permit issued under these Regulations shall expire on the 31st day of December of the year during which it was issued.

9.         Application for permit

(1)        An application for a permit shall be submitted in writing to the Committee and the permit shall be issued in a prescribed form and subject to such conditions as the Committee may determine.

(2)                   Every person issued with a permit under these Regulations shall exhibit such permit at all times in his or her usual place of business.

10.         Companies and organisations

(1)    An employee of a company or organisation may apply for a permit in his or her own individual capacity or on behalf of the company or organisation if such company or organisation authorises him or her in writing.

(2)                      Where an employee of a company or organisation applies for an individual permit and another for his or her company or organistion, each permit shall be paid for separately in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Committee.

(3)                      Every company or organisation applying for a permit under these Regulations shall have amongst its staff persons qualified to be issued with CLASS A or B categories of permit.

11.       Conditions to be satisfied

Any person who applies to the Committee for a permit shall be required to satisfy the Committee—

(a)                   that he or she is at least eighteen years of age and that he or she is a fit

and proper person to conduct the business of a ;

(b)                    that he or she has satisfactory knowledge of the latest edition of the

rules and regulations and of all legislation applying to the type of installation specified in the particular permit;

(c)                   that he or she has made adequate provisions for the carrying out of his

or her work and for the supervision of his or her staff;

(d)                    that he or she has suitable premises from which to conduct his or her


(e)                     that he or she has suitable instruments to be able to carry out the

recognised tests on the type of installation to which his or her permit applies; and

(f)                    that in the case of renewal of a licence, the standard of work and the

conduct of business have been satisfactory during the period of validity of the previous permit.

12.      Voting

In the event of disagreements among the members of the Committee when deciding whether to grant a permit or not, the matter shall be decided by a majority vote, the chairperson having a casting vote, taken at a meeting at which at least two- thirds of all the members are present.

13.      Register

The Committee shall keep a register of all licensed installations persons for the time being permitted under these Regulations.

14.       Cancellation of licence

(1)    The Committee may at any time refuse to grant or renew a permit or cancel a permit if it is satisfied that the person has failed to comply with any conditions contained in these Regulations.

(2)                     In case of refusal to grant a permit or cancellation of a permit, the Committee shall call upon the applicant or licensee concerned in writing, to appear in person or by representation, before the Committee and show cause why the Committee should not exercise its power under sub-regulation (1) of this regulation.

15.       Obtaining information

In order to obtain any information and to carry out any inspection as provided under these Regulations the licensee may, at its direction, request any person to carry out any such inspection or tests as it may require and to furnish a report of such inspection to the licensee.

16.      Information about installation

Any installations person who completes or directs the completion of any electrical installation work which is to be connected to a supply system shall—

(a)                     when such supply is to be delivered by the licensee, submit to the

licensee a “Completion of Installation” report in such form as the Committee shall require; and

(b)                    in all other cases give information to a licensee under the Act, which

information shall include the completion date and a summary of the work carried out.

17.      Discipline

(1)    Every person issued with a permit under these Regulations shall exhibit a high degree of discipline in the performance of his or her work.

(2)                     The licensee shall monitor the professional performance of a permit holder under these Regulations and shall report any case of malpractices to the Authority.

(3)                     The Committee may, at any of its sittings consider any case reported under sub-regulation (2) and may, depending upon the gravity of the case, suspend a permit holder from practising for a period determined by the Committee or cancel the permit.

18.      Appeals

A person aggrieved by any action of the Committee concerning the refusal or cancellation of a permit may appeal in writing within fourteen days of the date of such refusal or cancellation to the Tribunal under the Act.

19.       Offences

(1)   An owner or occupier of any premises shall not cause or permit any electrical installation work to be carried out on his or her premises in contravention of the provisions of these Regulations.

(2)                      Any person who contravenes the provisions of these Regulations commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding twenty currency points or to imprisonment not exceeding six months or to both.

20.       Annual fees

The Committee shall with the approval of the Authority prescribe—

(a)   annual fees to be paid by individual holders of the different classes of


(b)                   annual fees to be paid by companies or organisations; and

(c)   application fees to be paid by every applicant for an installation permit

under these Regulations.

21. Repeals

The Electricity (Wiremen Licensing) Regulations, 1984 are revoked.


Chairperson, Electricity Regulatory Authority.