Political Parties and Organisations (AMENDMENT) aCT, 2010, 2010


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Political Parties and Organisations (AMENDMENT) aCT, 2010

Date of promulgation: 

17 March 2010

Date of commencement: 

9 April 2010

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SUPPLEMENT No. 3                                                                        9th April, 2010.


to The Uganda Gazette No. 21 Volume CIII dated 9th April, 2010.

Printed by UPPC, Entebbe, by Order of the Government.

Political Parties and Organisations Act 4                                                          (Amendment) Act                                                 2010



An Act to amend the Political Parties and Organisations Act, 2005 to provide for the use of Government or other public resources for political party or organisation activities.

Date of Assent: 17th March, 2010.

Date of Commencement: 9th April, 2010.

Be it enacted by Parliament as follows—

Amendment of the Political Parties and Organisations Act, 2005

The Political Parties and Organisations Act, 2005 is amended by inserting immediately after section 14 the following—

“14A. Use of Government or public resources for political party or organization activities

Government shall contribute funds or other public resources towards the activities of political parties or organisations represented in Parliament in accordance with the following principles—

  1. registered political parties or organisations shall be funded by Government under this Act in respect of elections and their normal day to day activities;



Act 4


Political Parties and Organisations

(Amendment) Act                                                 2010

  1. in respect of elections, Government shall finance political organisations and parties on equal basis;
  2. in respect of normal day to day activities, funding shall be based on the numerical strength of each political party or organisation in Parliament;
  3. the funds provided to political parties and organisations under this Act, shall be subject to audit by the Auditor General”.