The National Womens council(AMENDED ACT 2015), 2015


Short title: 

The National Womens council(AMENDED ACT 2015)

Date of assent: 

24 October 2015

Date of promulgation: 

16 October 2015

Date of commencement: 

16 October 2015

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SUPPLEMENT No. 10                                                                      16th October, 2015.


to The Uganda Gazette No. 61, Volume CVIU, dated 16th October, 2015.

Printed by UPPC, Entebbe, by Order of the Government.

National Women’s Council Act 17                (Amendment) Act  2015


ACT, 2015.

An Act to amend the National Women’s Council Act, Cap. 318, to exempt elections at women committees lower than the district women’s committee from the requirements of article 68(1) of the Constitution that the election should be held by secret ballot; and to provide for related matters.

Date of Assent: 24th August, 2015.

Date of Commencement: 16th October, 2015.

Be it enacted by Parliament as follows:

1. Amendment of the National Women’s Council Act, Cap. 318.

The National Women’s Council Act is amended by inserting immediately after section 7A the following new section—

“7B. Election of women’s committees

  1. Elections for the National Women’s Executive Committee and the district women’s committees shall be by secret ballot.
  2. Elections for the village, parish or ward, subcounty, division or town women’s committee shall be by the electorate lining up behind the candidates nominated for the office, their representatives, portraits or symbols.”



National Women’s Council (Amendment) Act