Termination and dismissal

Mukasa v Uganda Electricity Board ((Civil Suit No. 165 of 1995)) [2004] UGHC 34 (3 November 2004);


Search Summary: 

The plaintiff brought the suit against the defendant for special and general damages for wrongful dismissal.  That his contract of service was summarily terminated on allegations of gross negligence.


Headnote and Holding: 

On whether or not the plaintiff was guilty of gross negligence.

Court was satisfied that the cheques were stolen given that the plaintiff has on a balance of probabilities shown that he did his part more or less satisfactorily by taking the cheques to the cash office from where they went missing.  As such the plaintiff was held not guilty of gross negligence. 

It was held that the dismissal was unjust and the dismissal processes itself was flawed for he was dismissed summarily for alleged gross negligence which had not been established.  Secondly reasons for his dismissal were investigated by police who cleared him.


Accordingly court upheld the suit holding that the plaintiff’s dismissal proceeded in total irregularity and as such was wrongful and he was entitled to all his benefits.


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