Temporary Injunction

Basudde v Mwewulize & Anor (Misc. Application No. 0402 of 2003. ) ((Misc. Application No. 0402 of 2003. )) [2003] UGHC 48 (28 August 2003);


Search Summary: 

In this case, the applicant sought for a temporary injunction against the respondents restraining them from evicting the applicant from the suit property.


The applicant claimed that she was in eminent danger of eviction, that there was a pending head suit in court with likelihood of success, that she was likely to suffer irreparable damage once evicted, and that the application was aimed at maintaining the status quo.


The applicant argued that the property was matrimonial property and that she had a right of possession to it.


The respondents argued that the property belonged to their mothers and that the first respondent was the registered administrator. The applicant thus had no right of ownership of the suit property.

Headnote and Holding: 

Therefore, the court found that the applicant in her submission did not disclose a prima facie case with any possibility of success.


The application was accordingly dismissed.


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