Katunda v Atuhaire ((HCT-05-CV-MA-0185-2004 )) [2004] UGHC 77 (16 November 2004);


Search Summary: 

This was a ruling following objection by counsel for the respondent contending that this application couldn’t be competent given that the affidavit sustaining it contained annextures which were in a language other than English.


Headnote and Holding: 

It was held that English is the language of court. That attachments were of no relevance to court as long as they were in a different lingo. There was no way court could discern them to arrive at the relief sought after in the absence of any translation. That the applicant would have done well to file the documents in issue together with their translation.

Accordingly the application was found incompetent and struck out with costs.


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