Kabunga v Kisambira (HCT-00-CV-CS-0112 OF 2009) [2012] UGHC 100 (6 June 2012);


Search Summary: 

In this case the plaintiff sought court for awards of special and general damages
against the defendant. This was after a tragic road accident caused allegedly by the
negligence of the defendant that left the wife of the plaintiff dead.

Headnote and Holding: 

Court considered whether the accident occurred and whether the defendant is
responsible for the accident plus remedies available to the parties. Court held that the
accident occurred and it was due to the negligence of the defendant. Court was
satisfied from the police report that the accident had occurred and court was able to
note from the police sketch map of the accident that it had been due to the negligence

of the defendant who on that day was driving a defective vehicle. For that matter the
plaintiff was entitled to special damages, general damages for loss of livelihood and
general damages for loss of dependency.
Accordingly court entered judgment for the plaintiff.


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