Benedicto Tuguhikirize V UEB (Civil Suit No. 51/93 ) ((Civil Suit No. 51/93 )) [1993] UGHC 1 (4 June 1993);


Search Summary: 

The plaintiff is a minor suing by his next of kin for general damages for injuries he sustained when he was electrocuted for accidentally stepping on the defendant’s live electricity transmission lines which were lying on the ground after the transmission pole had fallen. The defendant accepted liability at the hearing and court was left with deciding the amount of damages to which the plaintiff is entitled to for the personal injuries he sustained

Headnote and Holding: 

Court having assessed the permanent disability to be at 60 percent. It awarded the general damages for pain, suffering and loss of shs.16.000.000 with interest at court rate from date of judgment.


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