Leave to File A Witness Statement Out of Time

Husaain Hasanali Jivani v Merali Jivra Tajdin & Anor (CIVIL SUIT NO 471 OF 2015) [2017] UGCOMMC 78 (27 June 2017);


Headnote and Holding: 

The issue was whether a failure to comply with court rules directing a witness to file statements in time affects the litigation process.
The plaintiff claimed US $14,000 being money paid to the defendant for an apartment. The plaintiff rescinded the agreement and claimed a refund. The defendants raised an objection to one of witness statements arguing that it was filed out of time limits set by court rules. The defendants’ objection was based on the grounds that admitting the statement was prejudicial to the defendant’s case.

The plaintiff opposed the preliminary objection arguing that statement was filed to expedite the hearing rather than to leave the witness out of court, and the witness’ statement was not part of civil procedure. The plaintiff argued that there was no prejudice caused because the statement was not different substantially from the one submitted by the plaintiff.

The court held that rule 6(4) of the Constitution (Commercial Court) Practice Directions sets time limits that should be adhered to; extensions should be granted in special circumstances. It ruled that in the interest of justice the plaintiff’s witness should be heard and must be granted leave to file the witness statement out of time.

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