Late filing and extension of time to appeal

Baryaija Vs Kikwisire & Anor (CIVIL APPEAL NO. 324 OF 2017) [2017] UGCA 43 (24 October 2017);


Headnote and Holding: 

The court considered an appeal from a High Court decision that dismissed an application to set aside part of a previous judgment. The broad circumstances related to a series of judgments that related to who was entitled to vacant possession of land. However, the time within which to lodge the appeal had lapsed. The court restated the position on what the court must consider when dealing with an application for the extension of time. Such an enquiry is three-pronged involving three questions namely: (1) establishing sufficient reasons for the court to extend the time to lodge the appeal; (2) whether the applicant is guilty or not of dilatory conduct; and (3) whether any injustice will result from the application not being granted. 

The court held that because the matter in this case raised serious questions of law that need to be addressed, it would be in the interests of justice to extend the time to file their appeal.

The court also dealt with affidavits as evidence and provided that just because they were not duly endorsed, does not mean the court will reject them. Further, where it is alleged that part of an affidavit is false, a court can sever that part and rely on remaining paragraphs.


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