Global Trust Bank Ltd v Mugisha (HCT-00-CC-OS-0005-2012) [2013] UGCOMMC 126 (27 June 2013);


Headnote and Holding: 

The matter dealt with an application for foreclosure and sale of mortgaged property as a result of failure to make loan repayments by defendant.

The main issue was whether the plaintiff could exercise its right to foreclose the property. The court cited s 8(1) of the Mortgage Act that allows one to redeem the property at any time of breach and or to get a court order effecting the redemption. Reference to How v Vigures was also made regarding the triggers for foreclosure proceedings as being when due payment has not been made on date for redemption (default) or when there is a breach of any terms of the mortgage.

The court established that as the defendant had not complied with the terms of the credit facility agreement by not paying the agreed monthly instalments for a period of two years despite repeated demands, the exercise of the right to foreclosure was held to be fit and proper.

The court therefore concluded that the plaintiff could exercise the right to foreclose and accordingly allowed the application.


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