Institution of proceedings

Drasika v Jurua (CIVIL REVISION No. 0002 OF 2017) [2018] UGHCCD 5 (9 January 2018);


Search Summary: 

This revision was initiated by a letter of complaint dated 30th May 2017 made on behalf of the applicant by a non-governmental organisation; "Action for Human Rights and Education Initiative - Uganda." In that letter, it was indicated that there are two judgments delivered by two different Chief Magistrates, in the same suit between the same parties over the same subject matter.

Headnote and Holding: 

Accordingly, the court held that the application by way of complaint is dismissed. The court added that it registers files of the court below that were submitted to this court for purposes of this revision should therefore be returned to that court to facilitate conclusion of the ongoing execution proceedings.


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