Injunctions and interdicts

Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd v Joseph Aine and others - (HCT-00-CC-MA-0305-2005) [2005] UGCOMMC 29 (19 June 2005);


Search Summary: 

The applicant preceded under ord.37rr 1 and 9
of the civil procedure rules seeking a
temporary injunction against the 4 th respondent
and it directors from selling or dealing with the
two buses.

Headnote and Holding: 

The court considered whether to grant the
order or not. The court found that the
supporting affidavit and examination, there
was no allegation made that the property was
in a danger of wastage, damage or alienation of

the buses possessed by the respondents .the
court found that there was no case made out for
issuance of a temporary injunction.
Accordingly court dismissed the application
with costs.


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