Injunctions and interdicts

British American Tobacco Uganda Ltd v Bamuda Tobacco Company Ltd ( HCT-00-CC-MA-0599-2005 ) [2005] UGCOMMC 57 (4 October 2005);


Search Summary: 

The applicant sought a temporary injunction
against the respondent restraining it from
buying tobacco in Northern Uganda in
2005/2006 tobacco buying season and from
interfering with the plaintiff sponsorship with

tobacco farmers contracts in the same region,
procuring or attempting to procure breach of
the said contracts as well as costs.

Headnote and Holding: 

The court considered whether the applicant had
a prima facie case, suffering of irreparable
damages. The court found that the applicant
did not prove any contract that was to be
breached or proving an independent contract
that was part of it. The court further found that
there was no substantial damage to be caused
to the plaintiff. The court was satisfied that the
application had no merit.
Accordingly the application was dismissed
with costs.


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