Florence Kemitungo v Yolamu Katuramu (Civil Suit No. DR. MFP 6 of 1991) ((Civil Suit No. DR. MFP 6 of 1991)) [1991] UGHC 15 (30 July 1991);


Search Summary: 

The plaintiff applied for letters of administration after the death of her husband but the respondent laid a caveat on the application and continued to interfere in the estate of the deceased and selling off stock from the deceased’s shop hence this application for a temporary injunction to restrain the defendant from these acts until letters of administration are issued.

Headnote and Holding: 

The court found that the applicant showed a prima facie case with a probability of success and she might suffer irreparable damage that cannot adequately be compensated by damages and hence granted her a temporary injunction on the balance of probabilities as a third ingredient of granting a temporary injunction.


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