Criminal law

Adam Omwonda v Uganda ((Cr.Appeal No.84 Of 1994)) [1994] UGSC 11 (17 November 1994);


Search Summary: 

The appellant was indicated for aggravated robbery he was acquitted of the charge but was convicted of the offence of simple robbery and sentenced to 81/2years imprisonment plus six strokes of the cane and was also ordered to compensate the complainant in the sum of Shs.250,000/= and to undergo police supervision of an unspecified period after his release from custody being aggrieved he appeal against the sentence.

Headnote and Holding: 

 The court found no merit in the appeal as the offence robbery carried a maximum of life imprisonment therefore a sentences in a range of 8 to 14 years was not corporal punishment. The court further held that the order for compensation could not be justified in the circumstances as the stolen properties were received by Police and returned to the complaint.


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