Criminal law

Ajionzi Manase v Uganda ((Criminal Appeal No.32 of 2000)) [2002] UGSC 2 (9 January 2002);


Search Summary: 

The appellant part of the group of police officers chasing after a stolen vehicle
was indicted for murder when he shot and killed a fellow officer in the
operation. The appeal was against the decision of the Court of Appeal which
rejected the appellant's appeal against his conviction by the trial court.
The first complaint on appeal was the alleged improper admission of the dying
declaration by the trial court. The court observed that among the officers at
the scene of crime it was only the appellant who had admitted firing his gun
and the court had properly corroborated the dying declaration which was not

Headnote and Holding: 

The second complaint was about the insufficiency of evidence to corroborate
the dying declaration. The court observed that the appellant had failed to give
an explanation as to the two missing bullets from his gun and that the
occupants of the suspected stolen car had no gun was plausible circumstantial
The appeal was dismissed for being devoid of merit.


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