Conduct of proceedings

Charles Kayumba v Uganda ((Cr.Appeal No.8 Of 1981)) [1986] UGsc 13 (3 December 1986);


Search Summary: 

The appellant, who was at logger heads with the deceased, was last seen on the night of the murder until four months when he was arrested. He was indicted and convicted of murder contrary to section 183 (now 188) of the Penal Code Act and he appealed contending that the trial judge erroneously rejected that his defence of alibi.

Headnote and Holding: 

The court held that a conviction based solely on circumstantial evidence could only be justified where the inculpatory facts were not compatible with the innocence of the accused person.The court held that the matters agreed had to be set out clearly and be read out to the assessors in summing up as they were.


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