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Mugerwa v Wagona T.A Skyline Coffee Processors (CIVIL SUIT NO. 619 OF 1992) [1993] UGHC 29 (5 May 1993);


Search Summary: 

The plaintiff entered into a partnership with the defendant where the plaintiffs land title certificate was to be used as security for obtaining a loan for the partnership business as to raise partnership capital. That once obtained, the said loan would be used only for the partnership business and proceeds from the said loan would be used for servicing the same until liquidation.

Headnote and Holding: 

After pleadings, the parties set down the case for hearing. At the hearing, counsel for the plaintiff sought to withdraw the suit. When that move was resisted, both counsel consented to the dismissal of the suit with cost. Upon that consent, the suit was duly ordered to be dismissed with cost.


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